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16 August 6:30 pm

You would think with last night’s loss at Estadio Azteca, Mexico would be much more upset than it seems they are.

The loss gave Mexico their second historic mark in less than one week, winning an Olympic gold in soccer and losing at home to the rival USA. But the country seems to be more upset that the loss stole their thunder and put a damper on their fiestas than by what it actually means to the historic rivalry.

San Luis Hoy, the local newspaper where American goalscorer Michael Orozco Fiscal plays with Club San Luis, titled their piece “Les Aguaron la Fiesta.” Translation? They rained on our parade. La Cancha, sports section of Mexico City based La Reforma, titled their piece “Arruinan la Fiesta." Translation: They ruined the party.

Fear not Mexico, the game was just an international friendly and counted for no points. So pass another round of tequila and let’s keep the party going.

But maybe you should rethink the ever growing gringo threat and what they will do in CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers coming up.

08 August 2:27 pm

Dry spells are nothing new in Dwayne De Rosario’s career.

Right now he is on a seven-match run without a goal since May 19, when he scored twice against Toronto FC. There are eight other dry spells during his MLS career that have lasted this long.

This season alone, DeRo has had two long dry spells, starting the season off with eight goalless matches. Oddly enough, De Rosario’s average playing time during those dry spells should have been ample enough for the midfielder to score a goal. His dry spell to open the season gave him an average of 86.25 minutes of playing time per game. His current summer dry spell has seen him play an average of 84.4 minutes per game.  

The longest he has gone without scoring was in the first half of the 2002 season, when he failed to score for 11 matches, despite an average of 73.3 minutes per game.

Now these dry spells wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t all sitting at the edge of our seats for DeRo to score his 100th career goal. He's currently at 98.

For a man who scores every 2.57 games, he sure has made us wait to see those final two goals. Do us all a favor DeRo, and just score already.

02 August 6:30 pm

In just his second appearance, Kyle Miller scored quite the golazo for Sporting Kansas City against Stoke City Tuesday night. The kind of goal nobody is likely to see again anytime soon, if ever.

Stoke City opened up the scoring in the 84th minute in KC despite being put under pressure by the home team for much of th match. And while some thought the game was over, Miller, well, who knows what he was thinking? In stoppage time, he found himself in the right place at the right time, as Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic's clearance made a beeline for his noggin and the resulting header looped into an empty net from 40-yards out.

Check out the highlight from KickTV above and let us know what you think. Luck? Skill? Likelihood of being repeated anytime soon?

01 August 6:49 pm

Chris Wondolowski is once again the leading goalscorer in MLS, topping the 2012 scoring charts with 17 strikes thus far, a four-goal lead over second-place Álvaro Saborío.

But some people are wondering why they haven’t seen any Wondo goals in the last three matches, since July 18. Luckily for the Quakes, the forward's dry spells tend to be short and come during certain times of the year. The last came May 13-19, lasting only two games.

His longest dry spell since his explosion onto the scene was early on, in 2010 between June 5 and August 7, when he failed to score for seven games. There is a pattern for the player that reassures us his current drought won’t last for too long. Most noticeably, he often goes cold in July and, whether it's the heat or just the midseason slog, he always seems to pick up his scoring form as the stretch run gets underway.

So even if Wondo may have dropped off after his impressive hat trick against Real Salt Lake, don't expect to wait too long until he picks up his push for Roy Lassiter's single-season scoring record, his first opportunity coming on Aug. 11 against the Seattle Sounders.

Seven Game Dry Spell
June 5 – Aug. 7, 2010

Five Game Dry Spell
July 23 – Aug. 20, 2011

Four Game Dry Spell
July 2 – July 16, 2011

Three Game Dry Spell
Aug. 28 – Sept. 11, 2010; April 2 – April 16, 2011; July 2 – July 16, 2011; July 18 – July 28, 2012

Two Game Dry Spell
Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2010; Sept. 17 – Sept. 21, 2011; May 13 – May 19, 2012


19 July 3:47 pm

Wednesday's matchup between Vancouver and LA witnessed David Beckham’s sixth goal of the season, a personal MLS best for the Galaxy superstar.

Back with Manchester United in the 2001–2002 season the Englishman scored 11 goals in 28 games, his personal best. With 13 games remaining for the Galaxy, he’s on pace to pass his career single-season scoring record.  For his career, Beckham scores an average of every 440 minutes, or every 5 games. This season he has scored an average of every 234 minutes, or every 3 games.  He has a very real chance of surpassing his career mark. 

Rank your top Beckham goals here.

26 June 5:33 pm

Ya se anunció que el 15 de agosto llegan los rivales de la selección mexicana, Estados Unidos, al Estadio Azteca para un juego amistoso, que de amistoso tiene muy poco, dada la rivalidad de estas selecciones.

Jurgen Klinsmann, director técnico de EE.UU,  ha llevado su equipo a juegos amistosos este año ante Italia y Brasil. Dice el DT que quiere exponer sus jugadores a los mejores equipos del mundo.

“México ha demostrado ser unos de los mejores equipos del mundo, entonces para nosotros esta es una gran oportunidad”, dijo Klinsmann en el comunicado de prensa.

Espera, ¿que dijo el DT de las Barras y Las Estrellas? ¿Qué México es una de las mejores selecciones del mundo? ¡Wow, por fin alguien norte del Rio Grande lo admite! Aun no dice nada Landon Donovan al respeto, pero no se preocupen mexicanos, aun falta mucho tiempo para que el delantero diga algo que le prende fuego a la rivalidad.    

La historia dice que estos equipos se han confrontado 60 veces en 43 partidos oficiales y 17 amistosos, donde 33 resultaron triunfos para El Tri y 15 para las Barras y Las Estrellas, y 12 empates.

¿Qué marcador podremos esperar de este próximo amistoso?

Charlas con Chicharito:

Por si no lo sabían, Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez ya tiene Twitter oficial. En menos de 24 horas @CH14_  ya tiene 168, 922 seguidores. Bienvenido Chicharito al año 2006, ahora platícanos de la selección por favor.

21 June 4:39 pm

Join Gatorade, MLS, and the soccer community in supporting young female athletes to stay in the game.

Did you know?

  • In 1971, one in 27 high school girls participated in sports.
  • In 2012, one in 2.5 high school girls play sports!

In 1972, Title IX gave women and men equal access to federally funded programs. That means your mother, your wife, your sister and even YOU have seen equal opportunities to be a young athlete.

However, while we have managed to gain young girls equal access to sports, they're still dropping out at twice the rate boys do by age 14. 

We want to help change this trend.


  • A girl who participates in sports is more likely to get better grades and graduate high school with scholarships to college.
  • A girl who participates in sports is less likely to get involved in drugs. 
  • A girl who participates in sports will have greater confidence and self-esteem keeping her from depression and eating disorders.
  • A girl who participates in sports is less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior or become pregnant.

How can you help?

Support the cause by changing your profile picture to your 14 year-old self (or a special female in your life like your daughter or wife) playing sports. Tweet about how playing sports helped you get to where you are today using the #KeepHerInTheGame hashtag. Most importantly, continue to encourage your daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister and friends to keep her in the game.

For more information, visit

En Español 

21 June 12:01 pm

Ayuda a Gatorade, MLS, y al mundo del fútbol a apoyar a las jovencitas de nuestro deporte para que se queden en la cancha con la campaña KeepHerInTheGame.


  • En 1971 solo una de cada 27 niñas participaba en deportes escolares.
  • ¡Hoy una de cada 2.5 chicas juega deportes en la escuela!

1972 Title IX le dio a mujeres la misma oportunidad que a hombres a participar en programas de gobierno, especialmente deportes. Tu mamá, esposa, hermana, hasta tú mismo has visto la diferencia y el impacto que Title IX tuvo para qué mujeres juegan deportes.

Aunque que la oportunidad de participar en deportes existe, las niñas están dejándolos atrás. A los 14 años, las niñas abandonan su juego a dos veces más que niños.

Es tiempo de cambiar esta estadística.


  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene más probabilidad de llegar a la universidad y ganarse becas.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene menos probabilidad de abusar de drogas.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene más confianza y menos probabilidad de tener depresión o desordenes alimenticios.
  • Porque una niña en deportes tiene menos probabilidad de arriesgarse en actividades sexuales y embarazarse.


Cambia tu foto de perfil a cuando tenías 14 años de edad jugando un deporte,o pon una foto de una mujer especial en tu vida, como tu esposa o hija, jugando deportes. Cuéntanos por Twitter usando el hashtag #KeepHerInTheGame de tu tiempo en la cancha y los beneficios que te brindó, y no se olviden de hablar con su nieta, hija, sobrina, hermana y amigas para que ellas sigan en la cancha.

Para mas información visite

In English:

20 June 5:01 pm

‘No’ es ‘no’ en francés, inglés y español. Esa es la única razón por la que Miguel Montaño pudo entender al trabajador en el sistema de trenes cuando negaba venderle boleto al jugador por no hablar el idioma francés.

Este miércoles por la mañana el mediocampista colombiano de Montreal Impact intentó comprar su boleto de tren pidiéndolo en inglés, pero se quejó de que los trabajadores de la estación no tomaron su dinero por no pedir el tiquete en francés.

Hassoun Camara, defensa del Impact, acompañaba al joven delantero cafetero y fue testigo del incidente. Ambos jugadores se quejaron con el Société de Transport de Montréal (STM).  

Pero ahí no se acaba el asunto.

Enojado y frustrado, Montaño, de 20 años de edad, buscó desahogo en Twitter acusando a Montreal, su casa de menos de un año, de ser una ciudad racista.

“Como son de racistas en montreal , no me quisieron vender un boleto para montarme al metro por q no hablo frances #encontradelracismo100%”, expresó el colombiano.

El atacante después pidió disculpas por la red social antes de cerrar su página de Twitter, la cual actualmente ya no existe.

El club se refirió a los hechos afirmando los incidentes por parte del STM y la queja oficial de Montaño en un comunicado de prensa.

“En el momento Montaño habló por Twitter con emoción, pero luego se disculpó, afirmando que la cuidad de Montreal no es racista”.

19 June 6:06 pm

Forget sibling rivalry, roommate rivalry is what’s in.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you should know that Webb Simpson (above right) just won the US Open last weekend. But why are we talking about golf on a soccer website? Oddly enough, Simpson was college roommates with one of the MLS’ very own, Colorado Rapids midfielder Wells Thompson (above left).

Even though they knew each other before college, their friendship grew when they became roommates at Wake Forest, as did their attempts to one-up one another.

Thompson has a US Open Cup (2007) and MLS Cup (2010) under his belt, but after Simpson’s big win, who is on top? The boys don’t seem to care too much anymore, Thompson is just happy for his old roommate.

"To see him succeed on Sunday was so cool, such a blessing," Thompson said. "It's his first major, but it was bound to happen. He's an up and coming golfer and I think people expect a lot out of him, expect him to win."

Check out the full story HERE.