Nick Cammarota

Northeast Philadelphia born and raised, Nick didn’t spend most of my days on the playground, but rather in the street, playing football, hockey, basketball and wiffleball. A childhood (and who are we kidding, young adulthood, too) of playing pickup sports aided his passion for competition, while the talented teams at Central High were simply too good to be left uncovered, so he joined the school paper. Once a wide-eyed sports writer for the Daily Free Press at Boston University, he's still a wide-eyed sports writer, just living in a different city where he works fulltime at The Gazette. He's previously worked at the Rocky Mount Telegram and York Daily Record. His biggest influence while studying journalism was the indelible Jack Falla, who taught him how to write, observe, laugh and live. He makes his dynamite Jambalaya recipe once a year, on the Super Bowl. It’s always the first to go.