They're the foundation, the building blocks, the future of Major League Soccer. They're also already among the league's standout talents. All before the tender age of 24.'s annual 24 Under 24 series, in which we take a look at the next (and often current) generation of MLS difference makers ran from Sept. 16-20. This year's countdown boiled down to one week, with each crop of players revealed at 11 am ET each day.

We introduced you to some of the more unknown talents on the list, delved into the role of lower league's in the development of MLS talent, the Young Designated Player rule, the best crops of 24 Under 24 since 1996 and, of course, went over all the so-called snubs. In the end, 24 slots simply aren't enough to truly recognize all the precocious talent making a mark in MLS.

Feel free to provide your feedback in the comment section. After all, the young shall lead us, and there's no reason to think this group won't take MLS above and beyond what it's ever seen before.

Players who are 23 years old and younger as of the final day of the 2013 MLS season – in this case, MLS Cup on Dec. 7 – were eligible for inclusion. Votes were collected from the editorial staff and various American soccer media members. staff and media panelists rated players based on the following five criteria:

  • Technical (skills, dribbling, shooting, first touch, heading, etc.)
  • Tactical (positioning, reading game, soccer IQ, etc.)
  • Physical Attributes (speed, endurance, strength, vertical leap, etc.)
  • Personality (marketability, media savvy, quotability, charisma, intangibles, etc.)
  • Potential (upside, national team potential, potential future transfer value, etc.)

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